Brain Integrity Prior to Surgery and “Good” Inflammation?

Freewater brain response graphic
Free-water change seen after surgery may indicate widespread glial response, with greater change indicative of better brain response to the acute surgery/anesthesia experience.

See our full scientific paper.

Please see our new scientific paper summarizing a change in “Freewater” after total knee replacement surgery with anesthesia.   People with better cognition and better brain “health” prior to surgery had the most freewater after surgery with anesthesia.  The finding suggests that acute inflammation after surgery (as measured by freewater) may be a good response and an appropriate coping mechanism.

Image shows regions of change in fractional anisotropy (FA), mean diffusivity (MD), radial diffusivity (RD; calculated as the mean of λ2 and λ3), axial diffusivity (AD; calculated as λ1), λ2 (L2), and λ3 (L3). The green regions are the white matter skeleton created by TBSS. Blue indicates regions where post > pre. Non-surgery participants had no areas of significant change while surgery participants had extensive change (FSL randomise paired t-test with 5000 permutations).